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Being educated as an Industrial Designer changes the way you look at needs. Every need in life is a problem that can be solved with a design.


When we had a need to force change in our lives, we designed a plan to move in 2017. From the life we had built with our friends of the San Francisco Bay Area, we packed up and headed south to be closer to our families in Southern California, fortunate enough to make a home in San Diego. Immediately upon arrival of the wagon train in our new promise land, we found we had a need to help ease and distract us from all we had left behind. While the boxes remained packed, we designed a new family, and four days later we met Olga.

Being in pretty rough shape, she needed us in her life to give her a second chance at truly being a dog. She had never worn a collar, never been walked on a leash, and never spent any time inside of a human's house. We got to work designing solutions for her needs, knowing that her new world was completely foreign to her and that we had to teach this old dog some new tricks. Taking an extra sheet of plywood from construction projects around our new house, we designed a simple shelter that could easily be made, assembled, and disassembled with limited time and resources. The Dog Den was born.

As the muse to our creative energy, the next few years were spent ideating, iterating, executing, and improving anything that Olga needed. Hundreds of yards of webbing, thousands of feet of thread, and sample after sample of hardware from every supplier we could find all went through the sewing machine and onto the dog before we knew we had something special. From approaching these every day/every dog items with an intent to make something special for her needs, we found that we had the formula to make something ready to meet the needs of dogs everywhere.

In 2021 we had the need to take these projects out of the home studio and on to the next level. We found a workshop in the most amazing neighborhood of North Park, found a CNC router to help build the furniture, and found ourselves spending every waking moment focused on making our process and products the best they could be. A design that we are proud of, and a design that we are happy to share with you.

• Parker and Carolina •

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